Proszę wybrać jedną poprawną odpowiedź do każdego zdania.

Jeśli nie znasz odpowiedzi, opuść pytanie. Poziom trudność wzrasta dlatego możesz w dowolnym momencie przerwać rozwiązywanie testu i wysłać niepełny test.

Imię i Nazwisko
Wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie moich danych osobowych zgodnie z rozporządzeniem o ochronie danych osobowych w celu przesyłania informacji handlowej drogą elektroniczną. Podanie danych jest dobrowolne. Jednocześnie zgodnie z art. 13 ust. 1 i ust. 2 ogólnego rozporządzenia o ochronie danych osobowych z dnia 27 kwietnia 2016 r. informujemy że: 1) administratorem Pani/Pana danych osobowych jest Everest Krzysztof Nowiński z siedzibą w Kraków przy ul. Widłakowa 67 B, zwany dalej Administratorem; 2) Pani/Pana dane osobowe przetwarzane będą w celach marketingowych i nie będą udostępniane innym odbiorcom . 3) podstawą przetwarzania Pani/Pana danych osobowych jest ogólne rozporządzenie o ochronie danych osobowych z dnia 27 kwietnia 2016 r art. 6 ust 1 pkt a 4) posiada Pani/Pan prawo do dostępu do treści danych oraz ich sprostowania, usunięcia lub ograniczenia przetwarzania, a także prawo sprzeciwu, zażądania zaprzestania przetwarzania i przenoszenia danych, jak również prawo do cofnięcia zgody w dowolnym momencie oraz prawo do wniesienia skargi do organu nadzorczego tj.: Prezes Urzędu Ochrony Danych Osobowych. 5) Pani/Pana dane osobowe nie podlegają zautomatyzowanemu podejmowaniu decyzji, w tym profilowaniu; 6) administrator danych nie ma zamiaru przekazywać danych osobowych do państwa trzeciego lub organizacji międzynarodowej. 7) Pani/Pana dane osobowe będą przechowywane do czasu wycofania zgody. Dowiedz się więcej na Polityka Prywatności
1) What ________________ ?
2) Tom _________________ coffee in the evening.
3) Listen! Bob ________________ his new song.
4) We ____________________ early on Fridays.
5) I’m sure John __________________ tea, he loves orange juice.
6) Terry _____________ wonderful exam results!
7) James ________________ tonight.
8) We’re starting the game now, but no ______________.
9) I’d like ___________ you a question.
10) Tom and Mary ________________ lunch at school. They always go home.
11) How _________________ your sister?
12) What _____________ do you go to bed?
13) Here’s _____________________ .
14) Our bikes are all right but __________ are just fantastic.
15) All the shirts in the shop are nice, but ______________ is really great.
16) I think _________ English tests are quite easy.
17) We haven’t got ________ sugar.
18) My brother can build _______________ model ship in one day.
19) Hello! ___________ anyone in here?
20) Our school is _____________ the station.
21) School begins ___________ nine.
22) Our grandma’s house is wonderful. ______________ large and sunny.
23) ______________ our homework together!
24) Have you got an umbrella? Yes, I _________.
25) How ____________ to do it?
26) Tom _____________ at school last week.
27) Jimmy ____________ Mum’s favourite cup yesterday.
28) Excuse me, ________________ tell me the time please?
29) Perhaps in the year 3000 people ________________ in glass houses.
30) Remember, you _________________ tell anyone! It’s a surprise.
31) This sweater’s warm. Please, _______________.
32) The Smiths go ____________ every winter.
33) _______________________ bring all your luggage?
34) What _____________ at the club last night?
35) Where ______________ ?
36) James loves books. He reads _____________ .
37) Bob’s not here. He is still at ______ work .
38) _____________________________ his real name.
39) Mum gave us _____________ sandwiches than we could eat.
40) Tim is ________________ in the family.
41) This aeroplane is ______________ take fifty people.
42) Lucy is a nurse. She looks _______ elderly people.
43) Quick! The kids are running ___________ the street.
44) Tom goes shopping in the afternoon if he ______________ to go in the morning.
45) Come to me when _______________________ ready.
46) Put the car and the bike _____________ the garage. A storm is coming.
47) Show ____________________________ !
48) You must _________________________ ! The roads are very busy.
49) It’s very late, _____________ ?
50) This is the town __________ I was born.
51) _______________________________ your lunch? Are you ready to go now?
52) Bob noticed the car as he ______________ the street.
53) We won’t leave home until ________________ raining.
54) John ________________ a careful driver since his accident last year.
55) Ring me ________ about ten o’clock. I’ll be at home then.
56) Tim _______________ take his shoes off. help him please.
57) You must be thirsty. _____________ make you a cup of tea?
58) Who is that girl? _________________________ her name?
59) Grapefruits don’t taste as _____________ as oranges.
60) Where ______________________ your homework when you had only one room?
61) ___________________ in the open sea can be dangerous.
62) I’d like _________________ nice to our guests tonight!
63) What _____________________ in Africa?
64) Ann has many friends, but very ____________ people know her really well.
65) My family are going to _______ country this summer.
66) There’s already _______________ in this dish. Now add some pepper.
67) Can you tell me where __________________?
68) The road was ____________________ than we expected.
69) The Olympic Games are organised __________________ years.
70) Where do I get _________ the bus?
71) If you _________________ your hair it will look much tidier.
72) The door will open if you ____________ the button.
73) Your watch _______________ in the bathroom or in the kitchen, but it certainly isn’t here.
74) I would certainly travel a lot if I __________ afford it.
75) A: I can’t read it. B: ______________.
76) I see your bike isn’t ready yet. How long ______________________ it?
77) Before Mr Grimes became a teacher, he _____________ several years in the navy.
78) You ___________ get up early tomorrow. The bus leaves before six o’clock.
79) Leslie is the author of the book on Polish history. He’s writing two ___________ now.
80) Poor Jim! It ____________ very difficult for him to study when he was so ill.
81) Centuries ago amber ______________ as a kind of medicine.
82) You won’t undo that shoe lace by _______________ it so hard.
83) It’s illegal ____________________ drugs.
84) I can’t repair pianos myself, but don’t worry, I _________________ for you before the concert!
85) They were very poor, so they chose the ____________ expensive seats .
86) Jupiter is one of the planets in __________ Solar System.
87) The Titanic sank in _______ Atlantic Ocean.
88) I wish I ________________________ a doctor.
89) How _______________ can you jump?
90) You must _____________________________.
91) Many young people are keen ________ football.
92) The model is easily damaged. In fact, I ____________________ rebuild it several times.
93) The baby kept on crying ______________ all Tom’s effort to calm it down.
94) Look! ______________ funny hat!
95) We __________________ the parcel on Saturday, if the Post Office hadn’t been closed.
96) Terry’s dog ran away a week ago and it ___________________ yet.
97) Jim is __________________ liar that you can’t believe anything he says.
98) We wondered what ___________________ in his garage. There was thick smoke coming out.
99) The doctor advised Bill _____________________ out for a day or two.
100) Tom said he ______________________ his test, but he spent an hour more doing it.
101) The “Stings” is by ________________ the best Robert Redford film I have ever seen.
102) He didn’t want to make up his mind until he had heard Pamela’s _________________ of the story.
103) Excuse me, do you ________________ me bringing my dog into your house?
104) He stole one of the officers’ uniforms and managed to escape by passing himself ________________ as a guard.
105) He put the two letters into the wrong envelopes __________________ mistake.
106) You mustn’t be angry with her. It wasn’t her ¬¬¬¬¬___________________ that she was late.
107) I’ll be very surprised if you ________________ the exam.
108) Could you hang ________________ a minute? I’ll be right back!
109) I ____________________ rather go to Ireland than Scotland for my holiday.
110) You ________________ to eat if you don’t feel like it.
111) Her younger daughters________________ on the sofa, wishing they were out at play.
112) It was a totally _____________ play that neither of them could follow.
113) As the test result was _____________________ , the team of scientists repeated it after ten days.
114) Rachel was __________ when her boyfriend didn’t get in touch after the holidays.
115) Many Australians can trace their ______________ back to their arrival as convicts from England.
116) If I go out in the sun, I come _________________ in a rash.
117) William is a very ________ child and cries easily.
118) Although it was only a minor _______________ she was given a two-year prison sentence.
119) Burglars had _________________ the flat leaving it in a terrible mess.
120) It _____________ as a shock to realize that I was not alone in the room.
121) He said he was dubious ___________ the chances of getting a pay rise.
122) Don’t be such a ______________ blanket-come and join the fun.
123) The angry football fans ______________ their fists at the referee.
124) Some doctors see their patients as a(n) _________ into hospital efficiency.
125) Accusations of __________ ruined the senator’s hopes of running for president next year.